Enjoy hospitality and spirit of Asakusa at Umaimon Azuma in Asakusa, Tokyo

About us

Asakusa is one of shitamachi, unique traditional working-class districts of Tokyo.

Azuma has been taken over ‘iki’, the spirit of the town since 1920s.


Enjoy the spirit of Asakusa with fastidiously prepared dishes, ranging from old-fashioned western style dishes to sushi with fresh fish from Tsukiji market to original menus with the art of culinary creation.

Azuma in 1952 when it opened

Just before Tanabata Star Festival in 1952
Simple shopping arcade has been completed.
Azuma started its business as snack bar and tea house.
Around 1963

The building is renovated and the 2nd floor is added. At the time Azuma is snack bar, tea house and sweet shop, selling Japanese and Western sweets.
As of 2014

The present store building
Azuma is now a restaurant, serving Western and Japanese food to both local citizens and tourists.

We do not sell Japanese sweets any more, but kibidango sweet dumplings are sold at our sister store on Nakamise Street leading to Sensoji temple

The present building photographed from the same angle as the picture taken around 1953.


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